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The Real Estate Trivia Quiz

The Real Estate Trivia QuizHow savvy are you about real estate? Take the Real Estate Quiz to find out!

Here are a few trivia, facts and interests about real estate that you may or may not know. Everything from Monopoly to Famous peoples real estate. Take the quiz to see what you may or may not know about real estate.

Bad Photo Shots That Hamper Sales

It will be worth the trouble to get clear shots that make a terrific first impression.

Sell House Fast – Perry County PA: There is nothing that turns buyers off faster than poor shots of your house in your listings. The picture they see along the left thumbnail shots is what you need to catch their interest. If the picture is poor quality, dark, blurry, cluttered, or otherwise doesn’t look enticing, they just keep scrolling down the listings until they see something that catches their eye. If you intend to sell your house, you want yours to be one that they want to see more of.

What Happens to My Assets in a Short Sale

You will want to have the contract drawn up by the lenders reviewed by an attorney so you’ll know what’s in it.

Sell House Fast – Snyder County PA: When you choose to sell your house in a short sale there is an agreement that stands between you and the lender, along with the buyer offering the short sale amount. Some banks will write the sale of your assets into the contract to help make up the difference in what you pay them. If you owe $320k to the bank and the buyer offers $290k there is a difference of $30k that the bank must either eat or ask that your assets be sold to make up some of the difference.

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