House Selling KeysWhen you know what your local buyers are looking for in a house, do your best to provide it for a better chance at a sale.

Pennsylvania House Selling – We Buy Houses Northumberland PABe proactive about seeing what a buyer sees and wants. Perhaps the best way to get a grip on your competition is to go for a tour of local houses for sale. Do a little research first and find the comps in your area. See which ones are still for sale and plan to visit them. If they hold open houses, that’s even better as you can wander about the home observing what they have that you don’t, or what they are lacking that you do have.

Does the house on the next block have the two person jetted tub in the master bath that yours has? You see that there are lovely flower boxes in the front of the neighboring house for sale but your home lacks colorful flowers and a finely manicured lawn. So right here you have two things that you can focus on. Use the big jetted master tub as a selling point and be sure to point it out to your visitors.

Get to work cleaning up your garden and lawn so it has the same charm as the other house. If you can’t build or buy flower boxes, consider getting a couple of large planter pots and placing them at the entry to the front door. Plant some beautiful flowers in them. Yellow is the favorite color used by real estate professional stagers as they say that’s the most dramatic and pleasing color to buyers.

See your house from the perspective of a buyer looking for a new home.

Go inside the houses for sale in your neighborhood when you can gain access and listen to what other buyers say about them. If they are displeased with the brightly colored wallpaper in the dining room and the unusual colors throughout the bedrooms, keep that under your hat. Then go home and check your own décor. If it isn’t neutral and fresh looking, get some inexpensive paint and go to work to change it to something that will appeal to the most buyers. That in itself will raise your chances of having interest from buyers.

Putting yourself in buyers’ shoes means that you will try your best to find out what today’s buyers want, especially in your area. What is the hot selling home offering that you can also offer in your home? Just like any other business, selling a home depends on your ability to reach the interest and attention of potential buyers, who are your customers.